Students with a disability



Mudgeeraba Creek State School’s Special Education Program provides the additional support, resourcing, services and programs that students with disability may require to meet their educational needs and to engage in the curriculum to achieve personalised learning outcomes within an inclusive school setting.

By providing an engaging, relevant and rigorous curriculum for students with disabilities we aim to engage, challenge, connect and inspire students to achieve their personal learning goals and achieve excellence within their individual education programs.

Students with disabilities

The Special Education Program at Mudgeeraba Creek State School caters for eligible students with special needs including students verified with Speech Language Impairment, Intellectual Impairment, Physical Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Vision Impairment and Hearing Impairment from Prep through to the end of primary school. 

Students with a verified diagnosis of a disability are profiled through the Education Adjustment Process (EAP) and have an Individual Support Plan (ISP) and/or Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) developed in consultation between relevant education stakeholders to identify barriers to learning and outlining adjustments made for the student to access their educational program.

Aims of the Special Education Program

At Mudgeeraba Creek State School, the teachers and staff aim to provide a quality education to students with disabilities. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Through direct educational support of students
  • Through the use of evidence-based methods of instruction as validated and supported by current educational research
  • Creating supportive and positive partnerships with parents, carers and the community
  • Recognising the strengths of our students and celebrating their achievements and successes
  • Adapting or modifying the curriculum to ensure appropriate access for students with disabilities
  • Maximising the use of resources to best serve the needs of each individual student
  • Providing appropriate and timely assessments and collecting data to inform future planning
  • Working with Classroom Teachers to develop appropriate programs that support each child’s individual learning
  • Liaising with support personnel such as Guidance Officers, Speech Language Pathologists, AVTs, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to develop and implement targeted support programs for students
  • Acting as advocates for students with disabilities to support their rights to a quality curriculum
  • Continuously developing our professional knowledge to ensure that we are aware of current developments in the field of special education
  • Assisting students to make successful transitions during their educational journey

Special Education Program Features

Mudgeeraba Creek State School’s Special Education Program is unique because we provide:

  • A team of fully qualified and experienced Special Education Teachers and Teacher  Aides, many of whom who have worked in the field and the school for many years
  • Targeted English, Mathematics and Social Skills Programs catering for all levels of learning
  • Before School and Break Time Support Programs for students who need support at these times – fully staffed by SEP staff who engage students in meaningful activities and support social skill development
  • State of the art learning environment including four Special Education Program classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, wet area, disability accessible toilet and shower, two outdoor play spaces and safe places for withdrawal
  • Case Management of every student by Special Education Program Teachers to ensure that every child receives an educational program appropriate to their needs and development
  • Individual programs catered specifically to each student and their different needs
  • Flexible and adaptable education program options to ensure that student’s programs can be altered as they change, grow and develop
  • A “safe place” or “calm down room” for students to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or experiencing a melt down
  • Anxiety and Anger Management programs for senior students
  • Transition to High School program for Year 6 students
  • Preparation for Camp programs for all students with disabilities attending school camps
  • Special Education Program support for students during all Variation to School Routine activities such as incursions, excursions, camps and swimming and sport carnivals
  • Safety and Risk Management Plans for all Special Education Program students
  • Animals as therapy – chickens, fish, silk worms and other animals used to support student well-being and interest in school
  • Outdoor learning spaces for SEP students – playground area and outdoor covered eating area to ensure all students have a place to play and eat that meets their individual needs
  • Life skill development programs – cooking, gardening and animal care activities to enhance the English and Mathematics learning and provide real life work experiences and daily life skills development

Additional information

For more information pertaining to students with disability and support in state schools please visit the Queensland Government website.

Last reviewed 31 March 2020
Last updated 31 March 2020